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Thank you for your interest in taking part in the 2023 Prairie Mobile Taste of Spring.
Prairie Mobile Taste of Spring is a celebration of new tastings of the season as well as some old favorites This year’s event will take place at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina April 21 & 22nd.

The show will include a wide variety of products including beer, wine, spirits, coolers, ciders and seltzers. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and show appreciation for some of the great local and national products available in Saskatchewan.

Our goal is to help you grow your brand and ultimately see your sales increase.  

Connect with a varied demographic who are excited to explore a variety of beers, wine and spirits in one convenient location

Launch new brands and EDUCATE customers about your products

Brand your space with decor, pull up banners, interactive features - be the booth and product they won't forget

Create exciting samples and consider pairing with a restaurant to serve up something amaxing

Vendor Information and Regulations

1. Alcohol is sold in sample sizes of no more than:
Beer/Coolers/Seltzers/Ciders - 3 ounces
Wine/Mead - 2 ounces
Spirits - .5 ounces
2. Absolutely no over-serving of alcohol will be tolerated
3 Free sampling of alcohol is not permitted
4. Serving prior to and/or after show hours of operation will not be permitted
5. Apart from vendor beer, liquor and wine bottles, no glassware is permitted anywhere on site.
6. All recyclables should be stored in a neat and tidy way to keep the look of the booth clean (bags will be provided)
7. Vendors are not permitted to sample alcoholic beverages while working
8. Only approved food vendors may provide or serve food and must have SHA approval
9. All individuals serving and working in the booth must have valid Serve it Right
10. Glassware and Ice will be provided
11. Takedown and Moveout - All booths must be taken down and removed Saturday night at the completion of the event.

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Prairie Mobile Taste of Spring April 21 & 22

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